John Rippel Joins CxGBS Mississippi Team

April 21, 2017 - Commissioning & Green Building Solutions, Inc. (CxGBS ®) is pleased to announce that John Rippel, PE, CxA, CPD, CGD, LEED AP BD+C, has joined the firm. Rippel will help to continue to develop and support CxGBS’s growing portfolio of projects managed by the Mississippi Branch Office. [...]

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Jay Enck Continues Commitment to the Industry with CPMP Certification

November 20, 2016 - With a CPMP Certification, Jay Enck, CTO of CxGBS, ensures his continued compliance with applicable local, state and national RFP and legal requirements in building energy auditing, energy modeling, commissioning process management, healthcare facility design, high-performance building design and operations & performance management. Developed by subject matter experts, [...]

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Duct Leakage Testing is a Must

Duct leakage can significantly increase the energy consumption of a building, leading to increased energy bills. It increases energy costs and can result in occupant discomfort and lower productivity. The authors' advice: Test early and test often. Read FULL ARTICLE in ASHRAE's High Performing Buildings (HPB) October 2016 Newsletter.

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10 Commissioning Must Haves – Collaborate in OPR Development

This year I am writing about ten aspects of a commissioning RFQ that I believe are “must haves” for owners that are committed to building great facilities. As a quick reminder, they are Start Early – Bring on your commissioning provider during pre-design. Collaborate in OPR Development – Develop your [...]

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10 Commissioning Must Haves – Starting Early

Last month I listed ten aspects of a commissioning RFQ that I believe are “must haves” for owners that are committed to building great facilities. For the next ten months we are going to go into more detail on each of those, with “Starting Early” being the first of the [...]

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10 Commissioning Must Haves – Are They in Your RFQ?

Buddy Bishop, CxA+BE 10 Commissioning Must Haves – Are They in Your RFQ? The commissioning process for buildings is described many different ways by many different people. It seems that almost every RFQ we receive approaches commissioning from different perspectives. In a way, this makes sense because each project is [...]

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Retro-Commissioning, You Can’t Afford to Wait!

Joshua Orr, Operations Manager, Commissioning & Green Building Solutions Are you missing out on savings incentives worth $30 Billion PER YEAR? If you own or operate a commercial building, you probably are. What’s your slice of this $30 Billion? On average, 16% of your whole-building energy cost. What is this [...]

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What is Holistic Commissioning?

H. Jay Enck CxAP, Buddy Bishop CxA+BE A broad range of commissioning services is available to building owners today.  Our Holistic Commissioning process, beginning in pre-design and lasting long after occupancy is the focus of our CxGBS team and has proven time and again to provide great benefits to our owners. Our [...]

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Commissioning of Laboratory Systems

David Cantrill Jr. P.E. Laboratory systems are one the most sophisticated items that a commissioning authority (CxA) may encounter in facilities.  From the simple setup of a school lab to a more complex setup of an evidence testing lab, each lab system requires specific requirements to be met for them [...]

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Commissioning for Water Efficiency

Buddy Bishop - Commissioning & Green Building Solutions, Inc. Based on US EPA estimates, the cost of water and wastewater services have risen at a rate that is significantly higher than the consumer price index and there is little evidence of this trend changing in the future. This trend impacts [...]

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