November 20, 2016 – With a CPMP Certification, Jay Enck, CTO of CxGBS, ensures his continued compliance with applicable local, state and national RFP and legal requirements in building energy auditing, energy modeling, commissioning process management, healthcare facility design, high-performance building design and operations & performance management. Developed by subject matter experts, including those recruited from allied professional organizations, ASHRAE certification programs benchmark with the ANSI/ISO accreditation standards for personnel certification programs to help ensure quality. The CPMP Certification is now recognized by a number of national, state and local government bodies.

For building owners, this certification lets them know who they should hire to design critical building systems that will impact occupant comfort, safety, efficiency and – ultimately – profitability. Hiring a firm that assigns an ASHRAE-certified professional to a project provides the following benefits:

  • Increased confidence in critical job knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Compliance with applicable local, state and federal requirements
  • Confidence in corporate commitment to the professional development of its employees and to providing the best possible resources for projects
  • Disciplinary process to follow in case of complaints

For more information, click here to be taken to ASHRAE’s Education & Certification web page.