Richard B. Russell Federal Building

The Richard B. Russell Federal Building (RBR) is a twenty-six story, 1.25 million square foot mixed use facility located in downtown Atlanta that houses the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia/Atlanta Division, and offices for several other federal agencies, including DOE's Atlanta Regional Office. CxGBS assisted GSA [...]

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H. Jay Enck and David Cantrill co-author Duct Testing is a Must

September 01, 2016 – Jay Enck, CxAP, HBDP, BEAP, CPMP, LEED Fellow and David Cantrill, P.E., BEAP, CCP, co-authored an article called Duct Testing is a Must for HBP in response to a recent survey of the building construction industry by the Building Commissioning Association (BCA).

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Donald Stuart Russell Building

CxGBS is a part of IDIQ Team (GS-00P-05-0115) to provide the GSA with energy auditing and retro-commissioning services (RCx) for the Donald Stuart Russell Building. The scope of services, for the courthouse, included engineering and commissioning expertise to conduct re-commissioning/retro-commissioning planning, identify energy and water conservation, scoping, testing, investigation, evaluation [...]

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Harold D. Donohue Federal Building & Courthouse

CxGBS was contracted by the General Services Administration (GSA) through the M. E. Group, Inc. to coordinate the retro-commissioning effort for the Harold D. Donohue Federal Office Building and Courthouse (DFB). Originally opened in 1932, the building has served the people of Worcester for over seventy-five years. It [...]

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C. F. Haynsworth Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse

The C. F. Haynsworth Federal Building/Courthouse is significant because of its representation of a specific period of federal architecture and because it is a symbol of the federal presence in Greenville. Built in 1937, the four-story, 88,000 SF historic C. F. Haynsworth Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse has [...]

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John C. Godbold Building – United States Court of Appeals

The John C. Godbold Federal Building provides administrative office space for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The building was created as an annex to the Tuttle Courthouse through the restoration and joining of two existing historic buildings in downtown Atlanta. The facility includes open office areas, private [...]

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Tuscaloosa Federal Building and Courthouse

The Tuscaloosa Federal Building and Courthouse is home to the U.S. District Court, the U.S. Probation Office, the U.S. Marshals Service, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, congressional and senator offices, the Social Security Administration, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The classic architecture, modeled after [...]

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U.S. Diplomacy Center – U.S. Department of State

The U.S. Diplomacy Center project is a new, two-phase addition to the 1.5 million GSF Harry S. Truman building in Washington, D.C. The building is owned by the General Services Administration and houses the U.S. Department of State. The U.S. Diplomacy Center is the first museum and education center dedicated to telling the [...]

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Day-Brite Capri Omega Lighting Institute (DCO)

At the DCO Lighting Institute, the first Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design (LEED) certified lighting institute in the country, visitors are learning about high-efficiency lighting that helps reduce operations costs, improve occupant performance, and reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. The Lighting Institute serves as [...]

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Shaw Tile Manufacturing Facility

CxGBS’s third project for Shaw Industries, T1 is the newest production facility to be used by Shaw Industries.  The facility contains approximately 15,000 SF of office space and 660,000 SF of manufacturing and warehouse space.  Surrounded by a combination of insulated pre-cast wall panels (warehouse) and light-gauge, steel-frame, masonry-clad cavity [...]

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