Benjamin Banneker High School, in Metro Atlanta, is Fulton County School District’s newest high school and a flagship school in sustainability and innovation. The replacement project included design and construction of a new 340,000 square foot facility, demolition of the existing high school, renovations to the sports stadium, and new multi-use fields, tennis courts, and parking. This process was accomplished by building the new school adjacent to the existing school so as not to interrupt student learning, then demolishing the existing school after students were migrated to the new school; a multi-purpose practice field and tennis courts were then built on the site where the existing school had been located.

The Fulton County School District has system-wide sustainability guidelines in place to promote the continual improvement of the district’s energy performance, as a whole. As a result, CxGBS was selected by the Parsons Environment & Infrastructure Group Inc. to perform Commissioning Services.

Added value through CxGBS services:

  • LED lighting on the building exterior.
  • Occupancy sensors control lighting throughout the school.
  • 1.5 gallon/flush water closets, 1/8 gallon/flush urinals, electronic faucets.
  • Bi-polar ionization devices reduce required ventilation rates.
  • Energy Recovery Units with cooling and heating, & total energy wheels reduce required energy.
  • High-efficiency water source heat pumps.
  • Short-circuit kitchen hood with concentric exhaust/make-up air duct arrangement.
  • Energy Management System employs direct digital controls to control HVAC equipment, plumbing equipment, exterior & interior lighting.
  • Green Judges’ Choice Winner 2012 Green Education Design Showcase.


Fulton County Schools

Design Professionals:
Gardner Spencer Smith Tench & Jarbeau, PC

Construction Professionals:
Doster Construction

Commissioning Professionals:
Commissioning & Green Building Solutions, Inc.


College Park, GA

340,000 SF

Date of Completion:

CxGBS Services:
Holistic Commissioning